• PC(USA) Missionary Webpage: Rick’s family webpage as a mission co-worker for the PC(USA).
  • BorderLinks: The binational, ecumenical organization that Rick co-founded and currently directs providing experiential education seminars and community development on the Arizona border with Sonora, Mexico.
  • CEDEPCA: The Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America, a PC(USA) mission partner in Guatemala where Rick is assigned part-time.
  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship: Rick now serves as the Executive director for this 60-year-old voluntary organization promoting nonviolence and the abolition of war among Presbyterians (affiliated with the Fellowship of Reconciliation).
  • Christian Peacemaker Teams: An ecumenical organization founded by the historic peace churches (Mennonite, Quaker and Brethren) to train and field teams of volunteers who respond to entrenched violence and conflict through nonviolent direct intervention.
  • Southside Presbyterian Church: Rick’s home congregation where he serves as an Elder in Tucson, Arizona. This is a multi-racial, urban faith-community committed to diversity and inclusivity, and it was the heart of the movement in the 1980s to provide Sanctuary to Central American refugees.
  • Samaritans: A faith-based organization founded in 2002 to provide search and rescue and direct assistance to migrants lost in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. (This site is not available at this time.)
  • No More Deaths: This is a church-based movement to support migrants who are at risk of dying in the desert. Rick has provided leadership in helping to launch the movement. Check it out and get involved.
  • Humane Borders: A Congregation-based organization founded in 1999 to impact immigration and border policies and to maintain water stations in the deserts of Southern Arizona.
  • Word and World: An experiment in providing a spiritual and theological foundation for the work of building a movement for justice.

Other recommended sites: